Trading in your current vehicle for a new one can be intimidating, and finding your vehicle's trade-in value is often the touchiest part. Not anymore. Subaru takes the guesswork and shady details out of determining your Subaru's trade-in value. It's called the Subaru Guaranteed Trade-In Value Program (GTP). How does it work? The team at Palm Springs Subaru compiled this quick info guide to answer that very question.

The Basics of the Subaru GTP

The Subaru GTP is a wonderful new perk designed exclusively for current and future Subaru vehicle owners around Cathedral City. The program guarantees you the most competitive, generous trade-in value on your current Subaru against the purchase of a brand new, later-model Subaru. Have you been drooling over a brand new Subaru Crosstrek or a brand new Subaru Outback. Now is the perfect time for Palm Desert and Indio drivers to trade in their current Subaru for the brand new Subaru of your dreams.

Other Subaru GTP Eligibility

Being a Subaru owner is the primary criterion for eligibility. Your current Subaru must also meet certain mileage and condition criteria. Condition criteria include the fitness and workability of many different important vehicle components, such as:

  • Intact, unmolested odometer
  • Operable powertrain, engine, mechanical, safety and electrical parts
  • No broken windshield, windows or lenses

A current Subaru that fails to meet condition criteria may be ineligible. Mileage criteria vary between years. For example, a 2013 Subaru must meet condition criteria and have 100,000 miles or less on its odometer to be eligible for Subaru GTP. If your Subaru does not meet one of the criteria, the Palm Springs Subaru team may still be able to assess a unique trade-in value according to your vehicle's actual mileage. Note: Subaru leases are not eligible for the GTP at all.

Start the Process From Home

Feel free to contact us here at Palm Springs Subaru for more info. We've been happily serving all drivers from La Quinta and surrounding areas for years. We look forward to speaking with you. In the meantime, preview your Subaru GTP value by inputting your Subaru Vehicle Identification Number at the Subaru website.

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