The Subaru Loves Pets initiative takes place every October. It's a time when over 500 Subaru dealerships nationwide support pets in need of a forever home. Through the National Make A Dog's Day celebration in past years, over 20,000 shelter pets have found loving homes, and we want to enjoy you to take part this year. On October 22nd, we'll be hosting the National Make a Dog's Day event at Palm Springs Subaru, where you can come in and meet dogs from local shelters around Cathedral City. Whether you're looking for a new furry family member or you know someone who is, it's a great time for drivers from all over Palm Desert to come change the lives of both a loving animal and themselves.

What is the National Make A Dog's Day Celebration?

The National Make A Dog's Day Celebration is just one part of the Subaru Loves Pets month. It's designed to be an easy and accessible way for anyone in our greater Indio community to adopt a dog and give them a forever home. Since its inception, the event has helped over 20,000 dogs get adopted throughout the nation, with heartwarming stories coming from every state. When you adopt a dog, you aren't adopting a pet. You're giving a dog a home and adding to your family.

Visit Palm Springs Subaru During National Make A Dog's Day Celebration on October 22

We invite members from all over La Quinta to come visit Palm Springs Subaru on October 22 during our National Make A Dog's Day event to add a loving dog into your family. While you're here, check out our great deals on all our new Subaru models and could be driving your new furry family member home in a new car or SUV.