Enhancer Plus Paint Sealant

The whole idea behind Enhancer Plus Paint Sealant is to protect your vehicle's paintwork from the harsh environment that surrounds it.  Harsh elements like the sun's UV rays can fade appearance.  Harmful atmospheric pollutants and ocean air can also contribute to surface fading over time.

Unlike polishes which can actually damage the paint, Enhancer Plus is a high-tech breathable formula that protects the finish against the elements and helps prevent fading.  The finish on your vehicle will keep looking new and the easy to clean high gloss finish will remain wash after wash.  Enhancer Plus comes with a five year warranty on new vehicles and a three year warranty on pre-owned vehicles. 

Enhancer Plus Vinyl/leather

Enhancer Plus Vinyl/leather protection creates a non-glossy, non-greasy antistatic finish on these delicate surfaces.  It prevents the sun's UV rays from penetrating the vinyl or leather on your vehicle that will over time cause fading and cracking.  Best of all, it reduces maintenance to a monthly wipe with a moist cloth.

Enhancer Plus Fabric

Enhancer Plus Fabric and Carpet Protection coats each fiber with a resin based formula.  The professionally applied product prevents spills from permanently staining your interior fabric and carpet. 

Dirt can be either vacuumed or wiped off with a gentle cleaning solution.  An invisible barrier helps reduce friction between the fibers, prolonging their life.  This allows the upholstery and carpeting to retain their natural testure and appearance.

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