New Subaru Crosstrek For Sale in Palm Springs, CA

Interior Features

If you want a reliable vehicle to explore the area in, consider the Subaru Crosstrek because they have comfortable premium interiors. The interior of the Crosstrek has water repellent upholstery, which is available with certain trim levels and gives you the ability to keep your Subaru clean easier.

The interior also offers features such as 60/40-split rear seats. This allows the seats to fold flat in part or in whole so that you can easily load additional cargo when needed. If you don't have enough space for cargo on the interior of your Subaru Crosstrek, you can also add a rack to the vehicle's exterior.

Exterior Features

The raised roof rails for the Subaru Crosstrek are a great feature because you can add many accessories to them, making them able to carry cargo or adventure equipment was you. Also, the exterior design is great because of the stylish grille and wheel moldings.

The exterior also has 17-inch wheels, a temporary use spare tire and halogen headlights. Some trim levels have LED steering responsive headlights. There's also a roof spoiler for superb aerodynamics and black folding side mirrors.

Performance and Capability Features

Subaru Crosstrek has Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, making it great for handling on the freeway and off-road. And this is an excellent feature for slippery or snowy roads. There are also 8.7 inches of ground clearance, so you have more peace of mind when driving on dirt roads. The Crosstrek has a 182 horsepower SUBARU BOXER® engine that is 2.5-liters.


The technology features for the Subaru Crosstrek include connecting to Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto™ and Pandora. If you love listening to music, you can easily access your smartphone and Pandora app to get your favorite songs. Also, there is navigation, podcast and news available through compatible apps. Use a Bluetooth® connection so that you can access your phone contacts hands-free and make phone calls when you drive the Subaru Crosstrek. Also, navigation is a wonderful option when you are exploring near Palm Desert. The Subaru Crosstrek also offers voice commands that can help you control the climate and your vehicle and make phone calls and access your entertainment apps.

Safety Features

The safety features for the Subaru Crosstrek include adaptive cruise control, which allows you to stay a specific distance behind the vehicle in front of you to have more peace of mind in a high-traffic area. There is also lane keep assist which has a sway warning to help you stay in the lane and that you intended. Pre-collision braking is an excellent feature because it alerts you and then applies the brakes if you are about to collide with the vehicle in front of you.

Advanced adaptive cruise control is a feature that keeps you at speed, while also centering you in your lane. You can also choose the distance you want to be behind the vehicle in front of you, and your Crosstrek will slow down to stay at that distance automatically when necessary.

Pre-collision throttle management is an excellent teacher for anyone driving because it allows the Subaru Crosstrek to reduce the power going to the engine so that the impact was something in front of your vehicle is much less. Not only does this minimize damage to your vehicle, but it can also help make a severe accident much less intense if you have a collision when driving around Indio.

Our new Subaru models are all worth a look. That way, you can be sure you're getting the best option from Palm Springs Subaru. No matter what, though, you can get amazing financing when you apply through our secure online form.